Other Specialities

Other Specialities

Tasso Ham

We love Tasso Ham at home. It is a speciality of South Louisiana cuisine and is normally associated with Creole cooking. I do this as lardons and what I like so much is that it has a great “Ham” flavour as well as being a bit spicy, and it makes a great change from bacon in pastas, soups, stews etc. Yes, sometimes a change from bacon is ok!

Kassler Chops

I make this from deboned pork loin. It is cured in a brine and then cold smoked. I pre-cook the kassler (by Steaming) as I find this ensures the chops stay tender and moist – just pan fry for some colour and you are away!

Homemade Ready Bake Pies

Made with Our signature pie pastry! our five pie fillings are made with either Pasture Raised Chicken or Grass Fed Beef;

  • Country Chicken
  • Chicken and Smoky Bacon
  • Mild Chicken Curry
  • Beef in Beer
  • Italian Beef and Tomato

Lean Mince

I do a medium grind with a maximum of 10% fat. Full of flavour and perfect blended with beef mince for bobotie, meatballs, burgers etc.

Toulouse Sausage

I make these in the winter for my cassoulet but they are also fantastic in soups or even on the braai. Strictly speaking a Toulouse sausage is only pork, salt and pepper. That’s fine, but for Cassoulet I like something with a bit more going on.

My Toulouse Style sausages are fortified with garlic, white wine and home cured ham.