Welcome to Bacon and Bangers

All of our products are now available through The Little Deli in Linden for all in-store purchases and deliveries.

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How I Got Started

About 10 years ago I wanted to have a go at a recipe for Cassoulet , a delicious winter speciality of the South of France. A key ingredient is Toulouse Sausage, but as I couldn’t find any in Johannesburg at the time, I decided to try my hand at making them myself. To cut a long story short, I eventually had a sausage that I liked, as well as a pretty successful Cassoulet recipe!

I really enjoyed learning the technique of proper sausage making and it lead me to realise how poor the quality of meat products often are these days. I became determined to master the techniques required for great tasting, authentic, sausages, bacons, pork pies and hams.

After much experimentation, I have developed a small range of products that I am passionate about and that are authentically made. I am personally involved in everything that we do and we only produce in small batch to maintain quality. All of our meat is Pasture Raised and sourced directly from the farm.